As a response to the devastating economic fallout from the Economic Great Recession of 2008 where many in the United States of America have suffered great lost. These lost have touched each community aspect of the human plight for stability.Out of the desire to help those who are at the lowest plight in poverty, All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation is committed to identifying economic resources to direct these funds to other Non-Profit organizations that are delivering direct services to those communities that seek to work together to lift up the sick, the poor, the abandon, and the homeless. Creating financial opportunities for communities to recover economically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All Roads Lead 65 Max Foundation will seek to assist and aid homeless families, homeless individuals, battered women and children , veterans, foster children, disabled children, and disabled seniors.postPic The leadership instills a partnership giving hope and to provide the resources for each men-tee the opportunity to change their behavioral problems and to expose their passions and talents in a positive way. For the past 5 years I have invested into myself attending John F. Kennedy University where I received my leadership certification. I became a Angel ambassador in 2016, and journeyed on to study at the National Development Institute and received honors as a board of Governor through NANEO receiving certifications CNC, CNE. My goal is to become a youth speaker and to travel the world as a Sapphire encouraging others as the messenger, that we are God treasures Jewels, Ruby's and Diamond 🙂 please visit and follow the road and become a volunteer.

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